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Generate Embeddable HTML code for any URL using Pipfeed’s Extract API

Embeddable Cards provide a clean, responsive, and shareable card for any content on the web. Cards are the easiest way to leverage Pipfeed’s extract API for any media, Cards provide a responsive embed. 40% of Users will click, hover, or view Cards with videos, images, and rich media. Cards are responsive and adapt to automatically fit any site they are placed in.

But a lot of these embed APIs aren’t very customizable and usually results in a longer load time. Using Pipfeed’s extract API, you can generate a pure HTML code in the framework and style of your choice. For this example we will be using bootstrap cards to style the generated cards.

[Tutorial] Extract full news article content from any RSS feed using Extract API

Learn how to Extract full article content even from a summary-only RSS feed

How does Pipfeed’s recommendation Engine work?

At Pipfeed we take price in creating a world-class recommendation engine and have spent a lot of time perfecting it. It is hard to create a recommendation engine and even hard to measure how well the algorithm is working. Here is how Pipfeed’s recommendation engine works. The main feed is comprised of “Plugins”. Each of […]

8 lessons we learned building PipFeed mobile app

So I have spent my last 3 months building PipFeed.com. PipFeed is an A.I. powered curated reading app. Think of it as when Pocket met Medium. I am an ex-AWS engineer and my main language of choice is JAVA but I can code in PHP, python, js etc. The backend for PipFeed is in JAVA with […]

SEO is killing good content and it needs to stop!

We have access to an infinite amount of information in this modern age, practically you can search for anything you want. And with this comes a need to filter out the noise to ensure that the appropriate user gets to the appropriate content and vice versa. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seeks to make the quest as user-friendly as possible. However, if you want to create content then you must know the significance of knowledge about how certain algorithms and requirements work to move the content to the top. Top blogs use the technique of SEO to get them highly ranked. But as we focus on the SEO more than the quality of content, it seems that we are trying to please the robots instead of humans.

3 Big Problems with Social Media as a News Source (and the Solution)

It’s no surprise that social media platforms are serving as virtual newsstands. If news is meant to travel fast than there’s no faster informational highway than social media. However, there are three fundamental concerns about consuming news from social feeds. The articles are often limited to your friends’ circle, not relevant to your interests, and […]

Top 10 blogs that will make you a better leader

Leadership roles are constantly evolving in the current business scenario. The responsibility a leader shoulders supersede the benefits it entails. The diversity that corporates are embracing now is paving the way for creating teams that are manned with diverse members. The leader, in such cases, is the glue that holds the team together and gets the best out of each of them. If you are aspiring to be a prolific leader who is ambitious about taking your company to greater heights, blogs are a great source of valuable leadership lessons.

Top 10 Food Blogs that will Tickle your Taste Buds

Are you a hardcore food-lover? Do you love to experiment with new dishes in your kitchen? If yes, then we have brought a list of the top food blogs that you ought to follow.

Marketing Matters: Know Where Your Customers are to Reach Your Target Audience

Marketing your business has a direct impact on your success or failure. If your marketing strategy is nothing more than trying out a few ads, you are missing out on a range of opportunities to engage with new customers. Small business owners are busy, and this often means that marketing efforts take a back seat […]

Be informed about “CoronaVirus”! Read these articles selected by PipFeed

These articles were selected by PipFeed’s A.I. algorithm. You can search for more keywords here: https://blog.pipfeed.com/top-articles/?topic=coronavirus&requestType=SEARCH Search results for: coronavirus The Coronavirus Acceleration Is Upon Us By Digiday How To Misinform Yourself About The Coronavirus By The Atlantic – World Edition Somebody Was Infected With The Coronavirus After Attending A “Coronavirus Party” In Kentucky By […]

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