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A New Type Of Personalization Algorithm​

PipFeed’s A.I. mimics what a real curator would do for a publication. It observes what you like & dislike and keeps updating your interests.

Less Is More

Clean & minimal design

Simple and easy to use design to allow readers to focus on what really matters: the content. The minimalistic and user-friendly design of our app makes it easy for you to access your articles and explore your feed without the hassle of confusing functions and misleading buttons.


Articles for Everyone

Blogs and sources are hand-selected and we present each article in an easy-to-understand format so that you can read the content you like quickly and simply.


No man is an island unto himself as the classic John Donne line goes — and at Pipfeed, we have built our app around this solid motto. While we work hard to use our powerful A.I. system to bring a completely-unique and personalized newsfeed straight to you, we have also built a community that we are proud of.

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Minimal & Clean

We try to make reading as relaxing as it should be and as simple to maneuver as possible. We have put in the work to create an aesthetically pleasing design so that you can enjoy your personalized content without any distractions. We are still in Beta and we are constantly improving the app design.

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132 million blogs posts are published online per “Month”!

Pipfeed offers a brand-new way to search some of the web’s hottest blogs and articles — without all the clutter. By using a powerful A.I. system, Pipfeed works to create a curated feed that shows articles tailored to fit your interests.

PipFeed Curates.Cleans.Declutters

We understand that your time is precious — and we don’t want you to spend your breaks between meetings scrolling through articles just to find one you like as you run out of time. With Pipfeed, you can save time and read more by enjoying a selection of articles that has been generated just for you. Your feed will be unlike anyone else’s — how’s that for truly personalized service?

A Variety of Topics for the Inquiring Mind

By keeping track of your various interests and the articles you’ve read, we can choose from one of our over 400 blogs that pull from over 40 different topics.

No matter what you’re interested in—or how varied your interests are—you can be sure that you will find leading content across a variety of niches on Pipfeed. Even better, we will do all the legwork for you to create a curated newsfeed that brings you only the articles that you want to see.

Available On IPhone, IPad And All
Android Devices From 5.5

The Innovative Approach to Reading articles

At Pipfeed, we understand that people are multi-faceted—and so are you, and we scour content from all across the web to bring it straight to your feed.

We work to make sure that our users have access to all the critical content they want to see. By trying Pipfeed, you can have access to these same great benefits.

No matter what you’re interested in—or how varied your interests are—you can be sure that you will find leading content across a variety of niches on Pipfeed. Even better, we will do all the legwork for you to create a curated newsfeed that brings you only the articles that you want to see.

Customers Feedback

We are always looking for feedback! Feel free to send any suggestions or queries to us at : info[at]blog.pipfeed.com

AI is the future

Your product is the future. Do not give up no matter the circumstances, because this product will sell.


Rayna Safie

Business Developer

Your app is what I was looking for!

Your app is what I was looking for! I’ve subbed, I want to begin using in the next week (this week would be to busy for reading in a free time) and then I’ll call you to tell my experience and suggestions


Ralf Pyke


I’ve been wanting to use this for a long time!

Congrats on launching! I’ve been wanting to use this for a long time and can’t wait to start. I will use it the next couple of days, but then please chat with me so I can send my feedback after using it!


Serril England

Product Manager

Hello again 👋 Really get this product. I wish my Google assistant did this better – instead it gives me clickbait spammy garbage. Good luck!


Dara Tassian


Your progress is awesome

Your progress is awesome, I like your startup project because I read a lot. I use Pocket to read and find articles on the internet. However, fining articles isn’t a great feature they have. I’d like you to have a section to find articles different from my usual readings. Because sometimes I want to read something different from what I’m used to.


Sarah Aryn

Venture Capital

PipFeed in Media

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